What sewing experience do I need to be able to join?

Does your facility have cell/internet service?

We recommend all participants have basic sewing knowledge and know how to use their sewing machine.

Are there requirements for me to participate?

All participants must be at least 18 years of age, be fully covid-19 vaccinated and have a willingness to have fun while learning.  

Yes BUT it is very limited and spotty.  We do NOT recommend relying on it.

How can my family contact me if there is an emergency while I am at the Barn on Pine Grove?

There is a land line to the house where Mary and her husband stay, this number will be included in your information packet.

What do I need to bring?

Will my machine and things be safe when we aren't in the barn?

A supply list will be sent previous to the event.

Yes. During all times when participants are out of the building, the barn will be locked.

May I have drinks or snacks in the classroom?

Is the facility handicap accessable?

Unfortunatly, no.

I purchased my retreat spot, what do I do next?

No later than one week after you purchase your event spot, Mary will email you a contract for your event.  This contract is required to be signed and returned within FIVE days to secure your spot.


After that, make your lodging reservations and plan your trip! 

Yes, there is a mini fridge for student use.

Is there a space for me to smoke?

No. We do not allow smoking on the property of the Barn on Pine Grove.

Can I bring my pet with me?


I need to cancel my reservation, what do I do?

Can I stay in the barn during lunch?

Contact Mary.  In most cases there is a nonrefundable retainer for your event.

The building will need to be locked during lunch.