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Hi! I'm Mary!

I love all things old and cherished, not only in quilts but in all aspects of life; a deep faith, family relationships, life-long friends, old papers, and the stories of our past.  I love sharing these with the current generations and keeping the past alive.


I have a passion for merging the vintage with modern to create pieces that will be cherished by all generations and bring our history out of the past. My current work marries my love of the vintage with the freedom to create in the way that makes the artist's heart sing. I get my energy by taking pieces and scraps from yesterday and making them into new works of art. Each compilation quilt honors those who came before us and celebrates all that we are able to do and be today.

I look forward to meeting you at a workshop, lecture, retreat, or show and appreciate you allowing me to share my love of quilts. 


I am a volunteer with and member of several professional organizations. 

I come from a long line of fabulous quilters and love seeing the tradition continue through the next generations. 

I invite you to join me at my new retreat center in Stanley for quilting fun! 

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