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I love all things old and cherished; a deep faith, family relationships, good friends, old papers, vintage textiles. I get my energy by taking pieces and scraps from yesterday and making them into new works of art. Each compilation quilt honors those who came before us and celebrates all that we are able to do and be today.

I am truly blessed to be able to work with other quilters and historians in my appraisal practice. I am allowed to play with the vintage quilts and investigate the family stories. I am constantly amazed by the wondrous things my fellow quilters are making today. I am honored to see people's eyes light up at my lectures and in my workshops. And yes, I also get to quilt!

I am truly blessed.

My Books

Cutting Edge Book CoverCutting Edge Art Quilts

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A Quilted MemoryA Quilted Memory is an inspirational and inspiring journey that provides us a new way to pass on the gifts of our family stories.

Available November 2011.
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A Quilt Block Challenge: Vintage Revisited was released in May 2010. Order your copy and join me as I celebrate the work of this amazing group of artists. The book includes almost 500 full color images, artist statements, behind the scene antidotes, and a section on creating your own unique challenge.

$24.99 plus $2.00 U.S. Shipping